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Create a Green Future together

Kezhen Cui 14

1. Significance of the work: This painting mainly focuses on green and openness as well as future sharing. Through the depiction of a better ecological environment, it calls for a strong desire to protect the environment to show my strong will for a harmonious coexistence between huamans and nature.

2. Content: .combination of ecological environment with modern architecture.

3. Creative idea: Cherry blossom is a manifestation of hope and beauty. By rendering the cherry blossoms and the surrounding environment of the city we live in, it further reflects the importance of harmonious coexistence between the ecological environment and human life. We hope that the flowers will bloom more and more brilliantly, the plants are becoming more and more luxuriantly, our ecological environment will be better and better, and people and nature will be more and more harmonious to create a better green future.

4. Effect:Appealing to people to pay high attention to ecological and environmental issues.

5. Highlight: Employing rich colors to depict the painting.

6. Cooperation description: Conceiving the general content of the work and embellishing the colors of the painting.

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