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Intelligent stair cleaning and disinfection robot

Yu Zhenghang 14 and Li Haoran 15

Significance of the work: To achieve green environment, to achieve the practical application of science and technology, if put into use, it can reduce the labor of cleaners and can liberate part of the labor force.

Content Introduction: Program design and electric actuator with the help of programming to achieve stair cleaning and spray disinfection.

Creative concept: Intelligent innovation, to solve the difficulties of real life and make life more convenient.

Design process: From 2019 to come up with creative ideas to 2020 out of the production of the basic framework, after the pneumatic actuator, because of the small force, and then changed to an electric actuator, to achieve up the stairs, after the programming of the device is old, and then changed to PLC controller, basically to achieve the height of the stairs regulation, after the motor, pump and other basic settings, were updated, and finally in 2021 to basically achieve a continuous stair climbing, cleaning and disinfection.

Design highlights: (1) Controlled by PLC all-in-one machine, easy and fast programming; (2) Using electric actuators for lifting and lowering, the thrust is very strong, easy to climb the stairs; (3) Intelligent stair cleaning and disinfection robot combines cleaning device and disinfection device as one, automatic cleaning and disinfection.

Expense: The cost of creation is about one thousand dollars, because the equipment used such as the thrust rod is constantly replaced by experiments before and after, and is constantly updated, generating many consumables.

Notes on cooperation: Because this is an intelligent stair cleaning and disinfection robot, is a working independent individual, just like a person, so the robot's brain is the most important, we are temporarily using a PLC controller, now need help from partners to solve: with a brain device of what kind, can achieve independent recognition of the height of real stairs in real life, adjust the speed of going up the stairs by itself, but there must also be a certain amount of cornering. In addition, how to realize the power storage function in the future, how to make the garbage adsorption more suitable, how to dump the garbage, and what kind of disinfectant containers are more suitable, etc. These have not been solved yet, and need further experimental exploration and improvement.

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