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Sitong Liu 15

1. Significance of the work: Appeal to people to protect the environment through the work.

2. Content: A giant hand lifts the last ecological sphere in the world, breaks through the clouds, lifts it to the sky, and leaves the city where even the air is gray. Through the contrast of colors in the upper and lower pictures, and the golden and gray background in the upper and lower clouds, it highlights the good growth of plants in the ecological sphere and the serious pollution of the external environment. "Giant hands" represents the power of the spirit of environmental protection, while the black river, smoke-producing chimneys and fallen trees at the bottom of the picture represent environmental pollution.

3. Creative idea: The creation background of the work is that in the increasingly serious environmental pollution, people build "ecological spheres" for plants to ensure that they are not polluted.

4. Effect: There is only one earth. The earth is the home of all people. Low-carbon, environmentally friendly way of life is the performance of our love for the world

5. Highlight: Paint the pictures with rich colors.

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