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Low-carbon action starts from me

Shengzhe Hou 14

1. Significance of the work: Let our mountains greener, the water cleaner, the air fresher, the community more beautiful, the society more harmonious 2. Content: We should pay attention to global warming, we human, animals need to protect our earth, let our mountains greener, cleaner water, fresh air, village more beautiful, more harmonious society, so we should start from me, start from the relatives around us, or mobilize our community, do well, such as garbage classification, green travel, contribute their own strength for low carbon life.

3. Creative idea: Environmental protection benefits the country and the people, and concerns future generations, so we should pay more attention to it

4. Effect: The image is mainly realistic, block composition, intuitive, clear.Color with cold color, representing the importance and urgency of things, warm color auxiliary as the hope of harmony.

5. Highlights: Using the picture segmentation method, the behavior and benefits of low-carbon life are listed in the picture, and it can be presented in front of the viewer as intuitively as possible.

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