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No Deals and No Kills

Jiazhen Tian 15

1.The significance of the work The work aims to raise people’s awareness of protecting the earth and the environment. 2.The content of the work A silent face with tear is in the middle. The left side of the face is our home which has been destroyed by human beings, and the right side of the face is our common wish for humanity which is beautiful, full of vitality, harmonious. The left side of the picture is colored gray contrasting with the bright color in the right side, just as our behavior and consciousness which are of the strong impact.

3.The concept of creation The theme of the work is to protect the environment, and take care of the earth.With the rapid development of economy, there is less and less green plant around us, which not only has indelible damage to human beings, but also to the earth. I hope to call people to take care of the environment and our home.

4. The effect of the work Let us contribute to environmental protection to a force!

5.Highlights of the work The picture is painted with rich colors

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