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Past and Present

Jiayi Liu 15

1. Significance of the work: Call on human to pay attention to the environmental protection, wake up everyone to protect the environment and develop a harmonious coexistence between human and nature.

2. Content: The picture shows the comparison of the ecological environment in the past and present. On the right, we can see different kinds of pollutions, such as the air pollution, land pollution and water pollution. The grey sky, thick smog, fallen leaves, lifeless tree, dirty river, crowded buildings, and plastic pollutions under the ground made our earth a messy and an uncomfortable place. However, the left part is quite different. More trees are planted. The sky becomes cleaner and the sunshine becomes much brighter. There are many different kinds of fishes and clean water in the river. The soil is so fertile that the big tree is brought back to life again. There is also a blue whale which is a symbol of sea life.

3. Creative idea: Blue sky, clean river and rich soil should not be the garbage stations. Polluting the earth is killing ourselves. Protecting the earth is protecting ourselves. Just as our President Xi often says: “Clear waters and green mountains are mountains of gold and silver.”

4. Effect: Call on people to protect our environment.

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