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Return to Nature

Wang Ruoxi 13

1. Significance of the work: The work is designed to create a peaceful scene in which humans live in harmony with nature.

2. Content: In the land which was once destroyed by extensive industrialization, new life has come into being with green grass, colorful flowers and the blue sky around us. We humans are so delighted that we return to nature singing and dancing.

3. Creative idea: Colored pencils and oil painting sticks are specifically used to create a world full of green. Everything has returned to normal, even though it was once completely ruined by humans’ extensive industrialization. Everything has become more and more beautiful, with green grass covering the bare land, remote factories disappearing in our eyes and no smoke hanging over us. Living under the blue sky, we humans are living in harmony with nature, singing and dancing wild with joy. To our great delight, we humans have returned to nature.

4. Effect:Appeal to human beings to be extremely concerned with the problem of the environmental protection.

5. Highlight: The figures are created vividly and corlors are used properly and creatively.

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