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Walking together with the beautiful earth

Bikang Wu 14

1. Significance of the work: The earth is a synthesis, and only when we work together,can it become more and more beautiful.

2. Content: This picture try to make the earth smaller mixing with an intuitive ecological environment.It highlights the integration of sea and sky, with forests and animals in the middle and earth in the upper part, reflecting that the biosphere is a entirety.Human’s sustainable development depends on the protection of the overall ecological environment. Let’s human beings like eagles spread wings to fly into the blue sky and the white clouds,striving for protecting the environment and the peaceful development.

3. Creative idea:By showing the beautiful scenes around the earth,such as the blue ocean, the vivid forest and the deep sky to make the earth smaller and expand the intuitive feeling of the composition in order to show the beauty of the environment on the earth.

4. Effect: The image in the picture is mainly realistic portrayed, with meticulous and colorful description ,the picture makes kind of thriving beauty.It aims to tell everyone that our beautiful earth shouldn’t be destroyed at will

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