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Center For Future Innovators

Classroom Policies 

1. Replacement Responsibility: Parents/Guardians are responsible for purchasing replacement pieces for anything the student may break during class activities or sessions.


2. Refund Policy: Refunds for classes will not be allowed after the second lesson of class. There are no refunds for competition enrollment.


3. Material Requirement: Students are required to bring the materials listed in their class description to each session.


4. Use of CFI iPad: Use of a CFI iPad is not guaranteed. We ask that students bring their own iPads or laptops to class for personal use. CFI iPads are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.


5. Open Lab Attendance and Lesson Completion:

   - Students are permitted to attend Open Lab for one hour and complete one lesson.

   - Students may attend Open Lab for two hours to complete two lessons.


6. Seating Arrangements in Open Lab:

   - Students in the same level will be seated together in Open Lab sessions.


7. WeDo Together Class Requirement:

   - Students enrolled in the "WeDo Together" class must have a parent or guardian present and seated with them during class.


8. Behavioral Issues Policy:

   - Students exhibiting behavioral issues may be required to have a parent or guardian present and seated with them during class sessions.


9. Competitive Robotics Teams Eligibility:

   - Students are eligible to join our competitive robotics teams once they are enrolled in 200-level classes.

10. Attendance Policy:

   -  There are no make-up classes for After School programs, competition programs, online programs, workshops, camps.

   -  Refunds are not issued for missing classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Lab?

  • Open Lab is the learning system CFI uses for weekend programs. Students register for one of our 8-lesson Open Lab classes, and they can attend at any time during the Open Lab window. Each lesson takes around an hour to finish. 

  • Open Lab classes work on a punch card system so students do not need to attend every week or at the same time every week. 

  • Teachers and teaching assistants are in the classroom to help the students when they have difficulty building or coding their projects.

  • Open Lab Class Structure

    • At the beginning of class, the teacher goes over the lesson with the student, then the student builds their class project. The teacher goes over how the code works with the student once they finish building their project. 

    • Once the student finishes their project, the teacher issues them a challenge. 

    • At the end of class, the teacher will interview the students about some of the engineering and coding concepts from the class. If the parent is present then the teacher will invite the parent to come over for the student to present their class project to the parent. 


What age do programs start?

  • Our Robotics classes start at age 4 with WeDo Together.


What class is the right fit for me?

  • Join us for a free sample lesson on Saturdays at Daystar Academy or Sunday at Montessori Gifted Prep. We will make a class recommendation based on their sample class performance. 


Do I need to bring my own robot?

  • Students are not required to bring their own robots to Open Lab classes or WeDo / EV3 after-school programs. 

  • Students are required to purchase the Gladiator starter kit for URC (Ultimate Robot Championship).


Do I get to keep the robot from class?

  • No, we use education robot sets in class. Students are expected to take apart their robots at the end of class.


How old to join a competition team?

  • Students need to be at least 8 years old to join our team competitions. We offer solo competitions that start at age 5.


What robotics competitions does CFI compete in?

  • CFI competes in multiple competitions with multiple teams annually. 

    • FIRST LEGO League during the Fall semester

    • 4-H Robotics Competition during the Spring semester

    • Ultimate Robot Championship is held year-round

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