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URC Robo Sumo

Build 'n' Battle Night 

CFI Lincoln Square @ Montessori Gifted Prep

Sunday, July 28th

2:00 - 5:00 PM


Monthly Build 'n' Battle Night 
Schedule Coming Soon

URC Gladiator Kit

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Price: $180

Robo Sumo Rules

1. Robot Specifications:

  • Height, width, and length must be 12” or under.

  • Weight must be 3 lbs or under.

  • Remote Control: Robot motion must be due to operator input on a wireless device.

  • Gluing parts is not allowed.

  • Robots must use a URC Gladiator kit drivebase, motors, battery, and hub.

  • Non-motorized Lego-compatible pieces are allowed.

  • You are limited to 2 motors for Robo Sumo Matches.


2. Prohibited Actions:

  • No signal-jamming devices

  • Parts that could damage the field or the opponent's robot are prohibited.

  • No coating the wheels with other substances to improve traction.


3. Match Rules:

  • One match consists of a single round lasting 2 minutes.

  • Winning is declared if an opponent's robot:

    • Touches the surface outside the ring, excluding pieces that fall off of the robot during the battle

    • Is flipped so it can no longer function (you may design a robot that works in both orientations) 

  • The match is declared a draw if no winner is determined within the time limit.

  • Tie-breaker matches continue until a winner is declared. Tie Breaker matches start with the robots facing the walls.


4. Match Conduct:

  • The referee starts the match with the phrase “Three, Two, One, Sumo!”

  • Robots start facing each other; in playoff matches, robots start facing the wall.

  • If robots are stuck and cannot move, the referee will start a 10-second count, after which the match is determined to be a draw.

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